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I look at the images created by Francesca Woodman, images she inhabits delivering a disturbing presence. Surrealistic fragments.
They are printed in me.
Inside my head, a tornado of images, my body filled with lost movements.
Free thoughts.
Words meandering. Words projected in a paper in a glided flight.
How many ways do we have to peel an orange?
How many grains of sand have our planet?
My eyes feel of sand. They are
of sand. They vanish with the wind. They dissolve, they change, they transform me , they modify what I see; and what I don't see becomes visible. I'm feeling tired recently... of sand, without skeleton.
Cláudia Nóvoa, September 2007

...I have sand in my scalp, sleepy sand in eyes, sandpaper tongue, sand thoughts all from the sea. That is where I was instead of anything else all Weekend...
Francesca Woodman, 1973

choreography Cláudia Nóvoa

interpretation and co-creation Ainhoa Vidal / Cláudia Nóvoa / Joana Bergano / Pedro Ramos / Sandra Rosado

original music Mário Franco
(Luís Cunha/alto horn and trombone; João Paulo/piano and accordion; Sérgio Pelágio/electric guitar; João Pedro Mascarenhas/whistles; Mário Franco/double bass, samples; Pedro Segundo/drums and percussion)
edited and mixed by André Tavares, Carlos Vales and Fernando Abrantes – MDL studios

final music
Web Woman, extracted from the CD This Life, by Mário Franco quintet + David Binney, by the label Tone of a Pitch

scenery Pedro Santiago Cal
set construction João Calixto
lighting design Paulo Graça

production Henriqu
e Figueiredo
production assistant Lígia Teixeira

co-production Compasso / Centro Cultural de Belém

project financed by DGArtes / MC

support Centro de Artes de Lisboa / Útero / Duplacena

thanks to
Adriana Queiroz, António Rebolo, Betty and George Woodman, Luísa Taveira, arch. Margarida Veiga, Rita Sousa

25/26.Jan.08 - 9PM – Centro Cultural de Belém (PA), Lisbon
(box office: (+351) 213 612 444)

23.Feb.08 - 9:30PM - Miguel Franco Theatre, Leiria
(box office: (+351) 244 860 480 - 3PM/10PM - div.cultura@cm-leiria.pt)